NOTICE: At this time, applications received for homes built pre January 1, 1978 will be placed on hold until a lead paint based inspection has been done on the property by a licensed LBP inspector.

Grant programs available through Davis Community Housing Authority are restricted to Clearfield City and Layton City. No other cities in Davis County are eligible for funds.

Please note that assistance is restricted to once per household, regardless of address.  Funding is limited. Please call or email to verify if funds are available. Programs vary by city. Please contact Shelly for more information:



Household Size and Gross Income
1 Person - $50,750
2 Persons - $58,000
3 Persons - $65,250
4 Persons - $72,500
5 Persons - $78,300
6 Persons - $84,100
7 Persons - $89,900
8 Persons - $95,700​

*Income limit updates are based on the HUD Fiscal Year which runs July 1 - June 30. 

Layton Emergency Home Repair

Single family homes in Layton are eligible for grants to fund emergency repairs necessary for health and safety.



Clearfield First Time Home Buyer

Single family detached homes** in Clearfield City are eligible for grants of up to $5,000 to cover 50% of the down payment and closing costs.  Applications must be first time home buyers.

**Condos and townhomes are not eligible, only single family detached homes

Home Rehabilitation

Single family homes (mobile homes excluded) in Clearfield and Layton Cities are eligible for rehabilitation grants, which may cover upgrading to energy efficient windows, roof replacement, repairing siding, and other eligible repairs.  

    Layton                             Clearfield

Application                        Application

Subordination, Payoff Amounts, and Reconveyance Requests
Please check prior to submitting a request who the beneficiary is listed as, for Clearfield City liens, please call Melissa (801) 525-2777 and for Layton City liens, please call Morgan (801) 336-3770.
In cases with Davis Community Housing Authority beneficiary, in some instances the grant is forgiven after five years. We consider subordination requests in the instances of no cash out rate/term refinances. Payoff letters will be made available upon request to Shelly Pace, (801) 939-9198. Please include the names of the owners as well as address and a copy of the trust deed to expedite the process.
Please download the subordination request form below.


Utah Community Action - Weatherization program