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DCHA does not provide grants to homeowners and/or home buyers, as of June 30, 2023.

All DCHA programs have come to a close. DCHA has been a subsidiary recipient of funds, any requests for information about the availability of programs should be directed to the County or City governments.

DCHA is pleased to have been able to provide emergency and rehabilitation assistance to homeowners and first time home buyers. We thank the government bodies of Layton City, Clearfield City and Davis County for their partnerships while operating their CDBG programs.

For further information about the availability of programs, please contact your local jurisdiction.

Please note the beneficiary listed on all liens to ensure your request may be processed more quickly. When needing a payoff or reconveyance for Clearfield City liens, please call Allison (801) 525-2777 and for Layton City liens, please call Morgan (801) 336-3770.
In cases with Davis Community Housing Authority listed as beneficiary, in some instances the grant is forgiven after five years. Please submit payoff requests to Shelly, with the requested payoff through date. Please include the names of the owners as well as address and a copy of the trust deed to expedite the process. DCHA does not provide reconveyance paperwork or pay for recording fees.

Payoffs, Reconveyance, and Subordination


Utah Community Action - Weatherization program

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