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All waiting lists are open at this time, as of June 1, 2023 at 8 am. Please click here to apply.

By submitting an online application, you retain all ability to add/remove household members, update your address, and check if you are active on the list.

The only information we are able to provide to households currently on our waiting list is if their application status is active. Our systems do not allow us to provide any estimates on when an applicant will reach the top of the list or their number on the list.

It is critical that applicants update their postal addresses, as any and all updates will be sent via the USPS. Households on our waiting list may occasionally receive letters asking if they wish to retain active status.

To check if you are active on our waiting list, please call 801-939-9187

Maximum qualifying income upon program entry
1 Person $22,350
2 Persons $25,550
3 Persons $28,750
4 Persons $31,900
5 Persons $35,140
6 Persons $40,280
7 Persons $45,420
8 Persons $50,560

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